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Located at 25 Queen Street North, Bolton, we offer caring and compassionate dental care for the entire family and we always ensure to do our best to accommodate to families’ specific needs. Call us today if you are looking for a kids dentist in Bolton.

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At Humber Valley Dental, we keep our patients and their families smiling by beginning with a focus on prevention. With regular gum and teeth cleanings, checkups and a proper oral health routine at home, many people today can keep their teeth for their full lifetime while avoiding painful problems and costly procedures. Indeed, if an effective prevention dentistry begins in childhood, it is now possible to enjoy a lifetime without cavities or gum disease.

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That is why we view our continuous prevention dentistry as the most important service we can offer. As part of this program we will assess the quality of your teeth and gums, and develop a plan, with you, to get them into great shape. This program can include topical fluoride applications, protective sealants for your teeth, plaque disclosures, oral hygiene aids and instruction in their use, information brochures, nutrition counselling and the proper frequency for dental cleanings in the office.

Some adults will require additional cleaning appointments initially to get their gums healthy. Once dental health is achieved, you will be placed on our continuous care program. The hygienist and dentist will recommend a recare schedule depending upon your needs, seeing you on periodic intervals usually ranging from 3 to 6 months.

Smiling Two Kids

Putting Smiles on kid’s and their parents’ Faces

Some parents find that taking their children to a dentist can be a difficult experience. They remember what dental visits were like for them as children and forget that kids dentistry has come a long way since then. With modern dental equipment and procedures, a trip to the family dentist need not be a difficult experience – for parent or child. Indeed, with the use of sealants, fluoride and regular dental visits, combined with education about good eating and oral hygiene practices, children can enjoy a lifetime without cavities or difficult dental procedures.

Special Steps We Take

Making a trip to the dentist a pleasant experience for your child takes more than just modern dentistry. We’ve equipped our reception area with a special play area for children. We have a dental puppet Spot who helps children become more comfortable with the office environment. And every one of the dentists and hygienists at Humber Valley Dental is a parent, which can really help when dealing with a nervous or anxious child.

When to start?

We like to begin dental care visits for children as soon as they start getting their first baby teeth, which is usually by age 1. This recommendation is based on the evidence based research done by the Candian Dental Association. For children, this first trip to the dentist for a chair ride and a tooth tickle is a great way to set up dental visits as a fun thing for the future. It also gives us a chance to do a quick exam to make sure everything is all right in your child’s mouth. During this appointment, we also provide parents with nutritional guidance and counselling so that new parents have the knowledge and understanding about oral healthcare for their babies.

Because children are starting a lifelong relationship with the dentist, it is important to begin this relationship well. During the first few visits, we only do what is comfortable and easy for the child. As they mature and become comfortable with us, we can accomplish more. If significant problems are identified, treatment can be planned early to prevent future pain or premature tooth loss.

Your attitude is the key

One final note about children and dental anxiety. Most young children learn dental anxiety from their parents before they ever set foot in a dental office. If you only talk about their, and your, visits to the dentist in a positive way they will arrive at the office without any fear. And we’ll work with you to do our very best to keep them smiling while they’re in the office. We believe this is a critical first step in setting them up for a lifetime of positive dental experiences.           

Athletic Mouth guards

At our Bolton family dentist practice, we also strive to keep your kids safe while they play. Properly diagnosed and custom fabricated mouthguards have shown to dramatically reduce the risk of oro-facial injuries and are recommended for all contact sports. Mouthguards can be made in a variety of colors and can be made to custom fit your child’s growing mouth.

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