Restoration of the entire smile can be completed with our dental reconstruction services

A better life begins with a beautiful smile! Drs. Geeta Gautham, David Ma, and Ammar Taimish of Humber Valley Dental in Bolton, Ontario, believe that everyone should have a smile they are excited to share with others. When trauma, disease, and decay have left their mark, it may be time for you to consider the benefits of specific dental restoration treatments, such as full mouth reconstruction. Our team is pleased to offer this and other services for new and established patients in our community at our practice.

What is full mouth reconstruction?

With full mouth reconstruction, also known as full mouth restoration, patients can use a combination of therapeutic services to repair a smile with many imperfections and issues. This is a specialized treatment plan designed by one of our dentists to help patients repair, replace, and restore the smile’s appearance, function, and health. These treatments are often done for patients with extensive smile damage through tooth decay, periodontal disease, or trauma.

What services are included in the smile makeover?

Dental reconstruction will incorporate several different treatments to accommodate the patient’s needs. During the initial evaluation, our team can discuss with patients the treatments that might help repair the smile. Your dental reconstruction plan might include any combination of the following services at Humber Valley Dental:

  • Dental implants – missing teeth can be replaced with implants and restored over the abutment with a bridge, crown, or dentures.
  • Bridge – a dental bridge fills in the gap left behind by one or more lost teeth, allowing for a fixed restoration to repair function and beauty.
  • Dental crowns – teeth that have extensive damage may benefit from a dental crown placed over the tooth to act as a cap to protect it from further damage.
  • Composite resin bonding – also known as dental bonding, composite resin can be used to disguise imperfections of one or more teeth.
  • Porcelain veneers – covering imperfect teeth with a thin ceramic facing is achieved with the porcelain veneer, a popular cosmetic treatment available at our practice.
  • Teeth whitening-  a safe and easy means to improve the color and appearance to give a youthful smile. This can be easily done with in office Zoom whitening or with at home whitening kits.

Discover the benefits of full mouth restoration

If you have been avoiding sharing your smile with others because of missing and damaged teeth, it is time to connect with the dentists at Humber Valley Dental to discuss your needs. Call our office at (289) 536-4498 to request an appointment at our facility, conveniently located at 25 Queen Street North, PO Box 356 in Bolton, ON.

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