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New technology equals better quality care – laser assisted gum treatment. 

Humber Valley Dental is proud to offer a cutting-edge soft tissue laser treatment. The Odyssey Diode laser allows us to safely perform minor gum surgeries and preventative procedures without invasive surgery. 

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The Diode laser offers number health benefits including the ability to be absorbed by cellular pigments, melanin, and hemoglobin. This means that only the bacterial cells that are found in the deep pockets of gum tissues are destroyed without harming the healthy tissues. The laser uses a fiber optic cable to allow it to focus on an exact point which results in less swelling and helps to prevent bleeding following treatment. 

The Diode Laser system allows us to provide a higher level of care and comfort for our patients.

About Our Lasers

The Odyssey Diode laser system is safe, comfortable, and effective. It allows us to more effectively perform minor gum surgeries and certain preventive procedures. What makes the Odyssey Diode laser unique is that the wavelength it produces allows it to be safely absorbed by your cellular pigments, melanin, and hemoglobin. This makes it a perfect choice for treating soft tissues with minimal discomfort.

The laser uses a fiber optic cord that allows it to target specific areas of tissues. The energy from the laser is converted into heat which causes a photo-thermal reaction when it makes contact with your tissues. This thermal reaction is what allows the Odyssey Diode laser to specifically remove infected tissues without damaging the healthy ones.

The laser’s control panels make it easy to adjust the power of the laser according to the specific procedure. Various modes, such as “Continuous Mode? or “Pulse Mode? means that the light energy can be delivered quickly or in specific durations.

The Diode laser offers numerous benefits for gum therapy:

  • Improved precision where the laser can hone in on specific tissues without affecting surrounding areas.
  • Reduced tissue exposure so that the laser’s energy is absorbed only into the pigmented cells, and not the bones or teeth.
  • Non-ionizing or non-DNA altering eliminates the risk of irrepressible changes to the soft tissues.
  • Greater control helps to reduce the risks of bleeding.
  • Desensitizing effects to reduce pain and discomfort.
  • Laser treatment for quicker healing.

Diode Lasers are suitable for many types of procedures:  

  • Gingivectomy
  • Frenectomy
  • Genioplasty
  • Implant exposure
  • Operculectomy
  • Crown Lengthening
  • Gingival Hyperplasia Treatment
  • Aphtous Ulcers and Herpetic Lesions Treatment

Frequently asked questions:


The Odyssey laser system allows for soft tissue removable with minimal pain or discomfort. The laser’s precise energy minimizes tissue exposure since it is only absorbed into the pigmented cells, and not the bones or teeth. This drastically reduces bleeding while keeping your surrounding tissues healthy and unharmed.


As with most types of surgery, you may experience some minor discomfort or bleeding. However, these symptoms will subside quickly.


The cost of laser gum treatment is $59 per 15-minute interval. All treatment costs will be discussed prior to your procedure.


Yes! The special laser system allows us to effectively target selected soft tissues and eliminate bacteria that is found in the deep pockets of gum tissues. However, to ensure that your gums heal properly, it’s important for you to practice good oral hygiene following the procedure.

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