Here at Humber Valley Dental in Bolton, Ontario, we pride ourselves in the passionate and quality dental care we provide to each patient that visits us – including our youngest patients! Dr. Gautham and our entire team take great pleasure in providing pediatric dentistry for the children in our community. We understand children’s unique needs when it comes to caring for their developing teeth and jaw. We are happy to provide important dental services to ensure their oral health develops properly and is cared for in a compassionate manner.

The Benefits of Pediatric Dentistry

Scheduling an appointment with a dental team providing pediatric dental care ensures that your children are cared for by a team who have received specific training in caring for your child’s developing mouth. This includes preventative and restorative care, allowing our team to identify oral health issues early on. The truth is that your children may have a difficult time communicating when they have an oral health problem. They just may not have the vocabulary to effectively communicate anything other than they are in pain. Seeing a pediatric dentist allows for the identification of specific oral health issues before they can get worse.

We Provide a Comfortable Experience for Your Child

Kids generally do not like seeing the dentist, which is why our team has created an experience that allows them to be comfortable and at ease throughout their visit. Dental offices can be loud and noisy for children, making them scary for your little one.

Here are some steps we have taken here at Humber Valley Dental to make sure the environment is welcoming to our youngest patients:

  • Our waiting/reception area is designed in a way that allows your children to feel at ease before they even sit in the dental chair
  • We employ communication and educational tools such as a dental puppet to put smiles on our youngest patient’s faces and to facilitate laughter and positive feelings
  • We encourage parents to start bringing in their children from around age one so that children can get used to regular dental visits from an early age. This plays a significant role in making the dentist a regular part of their life

We encourage all of our parents to bring specific concerns to our team that need to be addressed. This may be related to a particular oral health concern or a concern with how your child will handle an upcoming visit. Please call us ahead of time with any concerns you may have, and we will be happy to answer questions and offer any assistance to make your child’s upcoming dental visit a pleasant one.

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We want to partner with you and your child in developing healthy oral habits which they will take with them throughout their lifetime. We encourage twice-yearly visits for exams and cleanings, allowing us to detect any developing oral health concerns and to clean any built-up plaque or tartar.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Gautham, please call our Bolton, ON office at (289) 536-4498.

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