Restore your smile with porcelain crowns and onlays

When your smile is impacted by trauma, decay, or infection, it is important that you work with a restorative dental team that can repair the tooth or teeth and addresses the health and function of the smile with an aesthetic approach. The dentists at Humber Valley Dental in Bolton, Ontario, are committed to ensuring patients have access to treatments that help, including restoration of the smile using porcelain crowns and dental onlays.

Porcelain crowns

First and foremost, our team relies on the use of porcelain dental crowns to repair natural teeth that have cracks, chips, or other imperfections or damage. Crowns are customized “caps” made to cover a tooth and create an extra layer of strength and protection for patients. They are also used on natural teeth that have had root canal therapy, an oral surgery that removes the dental pulp from the inside of the tooth, causing a weak remaining structure. Placing a dental crown over this tooth can maintain the natural tooth in the smile and eliminate the need for extraction. Crowns are also used over the abutment of dental implants to replace a single tooth or, along with false teeth, to create a dental bridge.

Dental onlays

Dental onlays are another therapeutic option for patients to consider. They are best used on teeth that have been impacted by tooth decay. The onlay covers only the portion of the tooth that needs repair, making it a more conservative alternative to a dental crown that covers all visible areas of the natural tooth.

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Whatever type of restoration you need, our team is here to assist! We are pleased to offer natural-looking cosmetic treatments and therapeutic services to ensure a healthy, functioning, and beautiful smile! If you are located in Bolton, ON, and want to learn more about the services provided at our practise, we welcome you to book a consultation visit with Drs. Geeta Gautham, David Ma, and Ammar Taimish of Humber Valley Dental today by calling (289) 536-4498. The office is located at 25 Queen Street and serves patients in and around the community.

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