TMJ/TMD Symptoms and Treatment Solutions

Conditions such as TMJ/TMD can significantly impact a patient’s quality of life. The TMJ, or “temporomandibular joint,” is the jaw joint for the upper and lower mandibles. This joint allows for the opening and closing of the mouth associated with speaking and eating. However, when this joint malfunctions, it can result in a wide range of problems. Fortunately, the team at Humber Valley Dental in Bolton, Ontario, can provide care with specific treatment options designed for patients with TMJ disorder, more commonly known as TMD.

What are common symptoms of temporomandibular joint problems and disorders?

Below are just a few of the more typical symptoms seen in patients with TMJ/TMD:

  • The inability to comfortably open or close the mouth
  • Pain in or around the jaw joint, radiating through the neck and shoulders
  • Ear pain
  • Hearing loss or ringing in the ears
  • Chronic fatigue issues
  • Popping, clicking, and grating of the joint
  • Clenching and grinding (bruxism)
  • Chronic headaches and migraines

What are some treatment solutions available to patients with TMJ/TMD?

At our practice, we are here to offer several methods of addressing TMJ/TMD, whether it is a mild or severe issue for a patient. After a patient receives a proper diagnosis, they can work with our team to discuss possible treatment solutions. This may include the integration of other medical professionals, including massage therapies, chiropractors, or physiotherapists, as well as unique treatment options, including oral appliance therapy, lifestyle changes, and in severe cases, surgical treatment.

How is TMJ/TMD diagnosed?

There are many methods in which a professional can evaluate a patient for this condition and provide treatment. X-rays are often used to examine the joint and surrounding structures. Signs of bruxism, such as worn or broken restorations or teeth, may also signal a potential problem. Any of the above symptoms may also point to TMJ/TMD concerns that need further evaluation.

Find out more about the treatment and management of TMJ/TMD with our team!

At Humber Valley Dental in Bolton, ON, Drs. Geeta Gautham, David Ma, and Ammar Taimish can assist with conditions that may impact the temporomandibular joint. Call the office today at (289) 536-4498 to request an appointment at 25 Queens Street North. We are excited to meet with you and your family and help you with general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry concerns.

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