Obtain Orthodontic Realignment with Invisalign Treatment

In the past, straightening the teeth was only achieved using traditional orthodontics such as metal brackets and wire braces. That caused many individuals to avoid talking to their dentist about realigning their smile to avoid the embarrassment of using metal appliances to achieve the results they wanted. Fortunately, the field of orthodontics has changed dramatically, and now patients can use orthodontic alternatives such as Invisalign aligners to get the smile they’ve always dreamed of without the embarrassment of metal appliances. Drs. Geeta Gautham and  David Ma of Humber Valley Dental in Bolton, Ontario, can educate you further on Invisalign aligners and how they work to understand your options better when it comes to realigning the teeth.

Cases treated by Dr. Geetha Gautham and the team

  • M. G. wanted to improve her look and smile which had changed significantly in spite of orthodontics as a child.
  • Her issue was a strong tongue thrust habit. With Invisalign treatment and an appliance to manage the tongue thrust, we were able to correct her smile with minimal impact to her lifestyle.
M.G. Before After Reults Before Image - Humber Valley Dental, ON
Susan Before After Reults After Image - Humber Valley Dental, ON

  • Susan always wanted a straight smile but never had the means or the opportunity to pursue orthodontic treatment as a child.
  • We presented Invisalign treatment using clear aligners as an option to straighten her teeth instead of metal braces which would fit better with her active lifestyle.
  • With Invisalign, We were able to design a warm, esthetically pleasing smile ,something she always wanted.
Susan Before After Reults Before Image - Humber Valley Dental, ON
Susan Before After Reults After Image - Humber Valley Dental, ON

  • Shelly was dissatisfied with her smile and the appearance of prominent central incisors giving her a ‘ Buck teeth’ appearance.
  • We designed an esthetically pleasing smile using Invisalign to first align her teeth and correct the cr
Shelly Before After Reults Before Image - Humber Valley Dental, ON
Shelly Before After Reults After Image - Humber Valley Dental, ON

How does Invisalign orthodontics work?

Invisalign is an orthodontic method that straightens the teeth using clear, removable aligners. Unlike traditional metal braces, Invisalign aligners are nearly invisible, so no one will know you’re wearing them–unless you tell them!

The Invisalign system uses a specialized series of custom-made, clear aligners to move your teeth slowly into the desired position. The patient uses each aligner tray for about two weeks before being replaced by the next in the series. As you replace each aligner tray, your teeth will move slightly until they reach their final, ideal position.

In addition to being virtually invisible, Invisalign trays are also removable, so you can eat and drink whatever you want without worrying about getting foods or candy stuck with metal brackets or wires. It also makes it simpler to floss, eliminating the need for dental accessories to get the floss between the teeth and the metal aligners. Those who use Invisalign have fewer periodontal issues such as decay or disease, thanks to the ease of caring for the teeth and gums during treatment.

This is what our patients say about their experiencee with Invisalign

" ~ Luana Agostino

I am two weeks into Invisalign treatment, and my only regret is that I did not start treatment sooner.
I've always wanted my teeth straightened but metal braces wouldn't work with my busy lifestyle. The aligners are so easy! I love the freedom to eat normally and brush and floss with ease.
From the initial consultation with Gina to the first invisalign attachment appointment with Chris and Dr. Gautham the process has been effortless.
Being a mom of two boys and constantly on the go, as most mothers know, we seldom make the time to put ourselves first. I am so glad I made the time for this investment in myself.

How do I learn more about Invisalign?

If you are interested in discussing aligners for the teeth, consider straightening your smile with Invisalign treatment! Call our team at Humber Valley Dental to discuss your options. The office is located in Bolton, ON, at 25 Queen Street North, and can be reached by phone to book an appointment by calling (289) 536-4498.

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